[RESOLVED] Unable to update Azure Kinect firmware to latest version

I have been unable to update any of the three Azure Kinects I am working with to update to the latest firmware. I consistently receive a CRC error in the command prompt which I have been unable to solve.

My process:

  1. Download firmware from Azure-Kinect-Sensor-SDK/firmware at develop · microsoft/Azure-Kinect-Sensor-SDK · GitHub
  2. Connect devices and ensure they are registering with computer correctly
  3. Follow instructions from Update Azure Kinect DK firmware | Microsoft Learn
  4. Repeatedly receive the following error regardless of whether I am attempting to update a single or multiple devices, and regardless of where I use the specific serial or not:

== Azure Kinect DK Firmware Tool ==
Loading firmware package firmware\AzureKinectDK_Fw_1.6.110080014.bin.
File size: 143361 bytes
[2023-01-31 17:22:52.978] [error] [t=4868] D:\a\1\s\extern\Azure-Kinect-Sensor-SDK\src\firmware\firmware.c (393): parse_firmware_package(). Firmware Package CRC error. original crc: 0x0A0A3E6C calculated crc: 0x9469BC03
[2023-01-31 17:22:52.979] [error] [t=4868] D:\a\1\s\extern\Azure-Kinect-Sensor-SDK\src\firmware\firmware.c (416): parse_firmware_package(). Firmware Package too many Depth Configurations. 11617
[2023-01-31 17:22:52.979] [error] [t=4868] D:\a\1\s\extern\Azure-Kinect-Sensor-SDK\src\firmware\firmware.c (435): parse_firmware_package(). Firmware Package Authentication block not found.
ERROR: CRC check failed

Expected behavior is that the devices are updated to the appropriate firmware so I can use them. I have successfully followed this process to ensure that all devices are on AzureKinectDK_Fw_1.6.110079014.bin, and I had no difficulty in doing so.

OS: Windows 10 Enterprise (build 19044.2486)
CPU: 11th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i7-11850H @ 2.50GHz 2.50 GHz

SDK: Azure Kinect v1.4.1
Current Firmware: 1.6.110079014

Please help, thanks!

@AlexGee It possible that the firmware file you have is corrupted. I just ran the inspect command on the firmware you linked to:

C:\Program Files\Azure Kinect SDK v1.4.1\tools>AzureKinectFirmwareTool.exe -i firmware/AzureKinectDK_Fw_1.6.110080014.bin

and got this result:

 == Azure Kinect DK Firmware Tool ==
Loading firmware package firmware/AzureKinectDK_Fw_1.6.110080014.bin.
File size: 1294306 bytes
This package contains:
  RGB camera firmware:      1.6.110
  Depth camera firmware:    1.6.80
  Depth config files: 6109.7 5006.27
  Audio firmware:           1.6.14
  Build Config:             Production
  Certificate Type:         Microsoft
  Signature Type:           Microsoft

Is this what you’re seeing? If not, try downloading a fresh copy of the firmware and running the updater again.

Hi there, thank you for the response.

Do I need to have the Kinect connected while using the tool? I am away from the lab and do not have any of them at the moment, but I have the same folder structure and files, and this is the result I get: https://i.ibb.co/qgd8HcH/image.png

I will try again in a couple hours with the previously-used laptop and some kinects attached.

Where do you recommend getting a fresh copy, if the location I have used contains a corrupted version?

@AlexGee Something is wrong with the firmware file you are pointing the Firmware Update Tool - The log in your screenshot reports a file size of 138,993 bytes, but it should report 1,294,306 bytes. See file size listed at the link below. Download a new copy of the firmware using the ‘Download’ button in the below link, and try that instead.

@AlexGee Just following up - Were you able to update your sensors to the correct firmware?

I was, thank you very much for the assistance. I’m not sure why or how I ended up with the corrupted copy, but your solution worked right away. I appreciate it.

Glad to hear it! Let us know how the rest of your testing goes.