Swap calibrations in the project files

Hi there,
reaching a very good calibration, we would like to save it and occasionally we would like to swap the calibration in the project files. Thanks for guiding us.

@Olivier Although saving and loading calibrations is not possible using the Depthkit interface, the way that the calibration data is stored allows for a workaround where calibrations can be replaced by swapping the _calibration folder and its contents. To do this:

  • Create a Depthkit Studio calibration.
  • In Windows Explorer, archive the `_calibration’ folder in the Depthkit bin and its contents.
  • To create a new calibration from scratch, in the Depthkit Calibration interface, click the :wastebasket: icon to delete the current calibration, and click confirm.
  • To load a previously-generated calibration, in Windows explorer delete the _calibration folder, and unzip/restore the previous calibration folder into its place.
  • You may need to re-enter the Calibration context in the Depthkit interface and “jog” the calibrator (e.g. turn one of the links off and then back on) to get the calibrator to load the data from the newly-restored calibration bin.

Although we haven’t tested mixing and matching different Studio calibrations with different Cinema calibrations, this may still be possible by manually changing out the appropriate subfolders within the _calibration folder.

@CoryAllen thanks for the explanation.
We’ll try this asap and we’ll let you know.

@Olivier Following up to see if this method of swapping calibrations worked for your workflow. Let us know if you need further assistance.