[RESOLVED] Previous Capture Lost it's Calibration

Recently, our team ran into an unfamiliar glitch in depthkit where our previous recordings are playing back as if they were not calibrated. HAving had a concrete understanding that that the captures looked decent originally, it looks as if they lost the information that held together the calibration. By any chance do you know what this issue might be? Below is a photo of this exporting issue. Thank you for your time.

Hi @DanielShevelev,

Sorry to hear that you are encountering an issue with what seems to be a lost calibration. Depthkit backs up all calibrations, so you should be to recover the calibration in the case it was lost.

Can you help debugging by first opening up the “Studio Calibration & Recording” tab and then
click “Continue Calibrating”. Take a screenshot of what you see. Does it look as if you have a calibration metrics and samples in the viewport still?

See our guide on Validating a Calibration to understand what to look for.

If there is in fact a lost calibration, we can then discuss how to restore it from the back up in the Depthkit Project folder.

Best of luck

Hello James,

I believe we have lost the calibration, is it possible to restore it? if yes, how would we go about getting it back?

Thank You

Hello @DanielShevelev,

I can look into this issue for you, I’ll need you to upload the project folder to determine if it is indeed possible to recover the calibration. Would you be able to zip up the project folder and share it with us?


Hi @DanielShevelev Following up here as our teammate @mariabarot is on leave. Please share the project with us and if possible remove the media files so that it’s much smaller, we simply need to check out the project file structure to see if the calibration can be recovered.


Hi @DanielShevelev
I’ve received your project file. Thanks for sending.

The project file shows that there is a calibration created, however the actual calibration folder is somehow missing from the folder.

Here is what I’m looking at:

Notice that the JSON file shows “links” in the calibration that refers to a folder “_calibration/world_14_11_2021_14_35_30…”

However the folder you shared does not have the “_calibration” folder in it. Just the Depthkit project file JSON and the media example you provided.

You’ll need to track down that calibration folder in order to restore your calibration.

My apologies, I must have move the calibration folder away. I will send you another zip of the project with the calibration folder.

Hey @DanielShevelev,

I’ve taken a look at your project file. I see two backed up calibration folders, and I am not sure which one you want to use, but I chose the more recent “world_23_02_2022_09_06_25” to restore. I’ll describe the steps I took to restore it as well.

First, looking at the _calibrations/world directory in your project folder, I see the following directories:

  • world
  • world_14_11_2021_14_35_30
  • world_23_02_2022_09_06_25

As I said, I chose world_23_02_2022_09_06_25, so I’ll use that in this example.

  1. Back up your entire project folder before proceeding!
  2. Rename the current _calibrations/world directory to something else, for example, another world_day_month_year_hour_minutes_second folder.
  3. Rename the folder for the calibration you want to restore to world. In my case, I renamed world_23_02_2022_09_06_25 to world
  4. Open the dkproject.json file in a plain text editor like notepad. (Do not use a rich text editor like Word)
  5. Find the “calibrationLinkMaps” section and then within that, find the “world” section. Rename the current "world" to be whatever you chose as the folder name in step 2.
  6. Use the find & replace feature of your text editor to replace ALL instances of the calibration name you want to restore (world_23_02_2022_09_06_25) with just world.
  7. Save and close the file.
  8. Load the project in Depthkit.
  9. You should now have the ability to “continue calibrating”. Click the Continue calibrating button to force depthkit to update the transformations for each camera. Once you see the calibration points in the viewport, you can stop calibrating again.
  10. At this point your calibration has been restored, and you can export normally.


I am getting an error in which Depthkit force closes when I hit the export button. From the looks of the point cloud information it seems that the calibration is fine. Is there a way to fix this export issue or is it a lost cause?
Thank you for all the help.

@DanielShevelev are you exporting multi-camera combined per pixel video or multi-camera combined per pixel image sequence?

Try image sequence as the sequence may be too high resolution for the video encoder.

Are there any errors reported in dialog boxes or to the console prior to Depthkit exiting?

Yes I am exporting as an image sequence. This is the error I get.

@DanielShevelev Could you please check your Export location in export to see if it’s set correctly?

Do you get the error if you are trying to export a single perspective format or other type?

@DanielShevelev Just following up on this - Were you able to successfully export?

Whoops I forgot to hit reply. Yes I got everything working and the export works!

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