Syncing Objects w/Footage

Hi DK community,

I’m wondering if anyone has had experience trying to track non-DK objects with Depthkit footage. For example, I’m planning sequences where a character pushes a chair. My plan would be to just keyframe the chair moving and sync it to the footage, but I’m wondering if there are unforeseen weirdnesses in that approach. Anyone have any thoughts? Want to flag any issues while I’m still planning.


The biggest weird thing you’ll likely get is the way the camera projects the capture into your 3D scene and how that maps to a position in your scene. If your camera is totally stationary it shouldn’t be much of an issue, but if you move your camera it’s going to have a strange effect — basically it will look like your captured scene is moving in front of the camera instead of the camera moving and may lead to weird spatial alignments.

Long story short, if you’re doing this try to not move your camera and keep it stationary and you should be fine. Happy to see your progress on this too, so please post if you’ve got some WIP stuff!