What happened to depthkit visualize?

Hi, my name is Chloe (a student of Golan Levin’s using his account). I’m currently working on footage filmed with the new version of depthkit, and have been attempting to edit it with an older version of the depthkit visualize. It feels like the software isn’t really backwards compatible and I can’t seem to find any new version of the Depthkit Visualize. I’ve only found a unity plugging, which isn’t suited for video editing. Have I missed it, or does it not exist anymore? How should I proceed? Thank you for your help!

Hey Chloe! Visualize is one of our legacy beta tools that has been streamlined into the latest version of Depthkit. So there isn’t exactly a new version of Visualize, but rather a new version of Depthkit tool set that improves on the beta features. Let me email you separately to share the download links you need. Is there a better email address I should use beside’s Golan’s account?

Hi, I’m new to Depthkit and have only downloaded the trial so far. It seem that visualise is not a part of the trial version, is that correct? it seems like there is not a lot of options to work with the captured footage or maybe I am doing something wrong? thanks for your help, Rikke

Hi @rikkebenborg! Visualize is an older, legacy software that has been replaced with the new version of Depthkit, currently v0.5.0. This new version supports workflows into Unity as well as VFX workflows if looking to take your volumetric footage into something like After Effects or Houdini. What kind of pipeline are you looking for? I’d be happy to chat more in depth and in the meantime, here are some resources that might be helpful: