Depthkit Core VFX Look crashing on iOS Build

Hi there! I’m working on making an Unity AR app for an iPad Air running iOS 17.5, using a timeline to trigger 5 short depthkit clips in a sequence (~5mins in total). Everything works as expected when only the core shader graph rendering, but when I try to add on a vfx look to the depthkit clips the app rendering freezes (the audio track in the timeline keeps progressing though, which seems weird). Looking at the errors in xcode when this happens, it looks like I’m trying to access to large of a gpu buffer, but my vfx assets have been made very small to try and get around this. I’m currently using a particle point output with vfx system capacity and spawn rate set to 2500, which as I understand should be under the minimum buffer size, but it still freezes. Has anyone else run into issue before? Would really like to use vfx looks in this project if possible!

Also forgot to mention before, using unity 2022.3.14f with the Phase 10 expansion, xcode 15, and the ipad air is 4th gen with an a14 chip. Also using new versions of timeline and the default playables package

@WhittSellers Thanks for the information, and sorry that you’re running into this issue. Can you confirm that your issue uses the workaround steps listed in this thread describing a bug relating to VFX Look prefabs failing to import? I will try to reproduce the issue on my end.

@WhittSellers Thanks for the additional information you provided in the other thread.

Can you confirm the build and player settings you have set for this project? I’ll see if I can reproduce the issue.

@WhittSellers - Not exactly matching your configuration, but I set up an empty Unity scene including a Depthkit Core asset with VFX look applied, and was able to run it on an iPhone.

  • Unity version: 2022.3.25f1
  • Depthkit SDK Version: Phase 10
  • Xcode version: 15.4 (15F31d)
  • Device: iPhone 15 Pro (A17 Pro)
  • iOS version: 17.5.1

Edit: Also worth mentioning that this is the default VFX look configuration with a particle spawn rate of 10,000 and a capacity of 1,000,000

Are there any other settings you can account for which would be causing the issue?

Thank you for looking into this Cory! I had a quick turn around on the project and had to just go with shader graph looks, and have given the iPad I was using back to them. However, I can check my project settings later today and should be getting my hands on an iPhone to test with more either this week or the next!

Build settings:

Player Settings:

@WhittSellers I was able to match your build and player settings exactly and render both a Shader Graph and VFX look on the phone (though I am having trouble setting up the AR camera render layer :sweat_smile:). The only difference I can spot is the Xcode version you’re running: 15.0, while I am running Xcode 15.4. Is there another constraint that’s preventing you from updating?