Unity recorder in OS

on a Mac we are trying to export a mp4 video of a simple depthikit one-sensor capture with the Unity Recorder, and it gives troubles of different types: de-synchronizing the video with the camera, change od size of the depthkit clip… we want to record the video of the animated camera to process it trough A.I.
It’s a Depthkit Clip + core Built in Look in, single sensor capture, Unity 2020.3.4 LTS with the 3D built in RP, silicon MacBook Pro with Monterrey and another with Sonoma

Any suggestion?

thanks a lot


@Stefano - Thanks for reaching out, and apologies that you’re having this issue.

When the Depthkit clip appears to be accelerated in a recording made with Unity Recorder, it usually means that the playback of the Depthkit video and Unity Recorder are not temporally locked - i.e. Depthkit is playing back faster than Unity Recorder is recording it.

To address this, we recommend leveraging the Depthkit Expansion Package’s Unity Timeline integration, then adding Unity Recorder to the project, and adding a Recorder Clip to the same timeline as the Depthkit Clip (see screenshot below). Using the Unity Timeline to drive both playback of Depthkit videos as well as the Unity Recorder will ensure that the captures are recorded in perfect lockstep.

It’s also worth noting that while the project pictured above is being run on an M3 MacBook Pro and rendering using Unity’s Built-in Render Pipeline and Unity Video Player, it uses Unity version 2022.3 and Depthkit’s Phase 10 packages. Is Unity 2020 a requirement? If not, I recommend upgrading to these versions, and letting us know if this resolves your issue.

Hi Cory
today we had a class trying to fix the issues and some of my students are experiencing some problems with the framing of the camera within the animation. Once the Timeline is set up, with the videoscript playable track, which is the best practice to set up a camera animation and set the right keyframes (changing the transform parameters as position and rotation)?
And: the preload time in the video players is set to 0.3 while the timeline tutorial in the D.K. docs reads 3 seconds: we’d better place the starting of the Depthkit Clip at 3 seconds after the activation Track, right?

Thanks a lot


of course we moved to Unity 2022.3.28 LTS as you suggested.
for the animation: we created an animation track, we connected the main camera, and we imported from an animation clip as the menu reads; then changing and adjusting the keyframes became very hard and the clip kept on disappearing or not scrubbing at all