Windows won't uninstall DK

Windows 10 won’t let me uninstall DK. When I click uninstall it just opens the software instead. Is there another way to reinstall DK from fresh?

Looks like this is not universal as another Windows machine will uninstall fine.

:confused: This issue just disappeared. Maybe a Windows thing…?

Hey @Psicon_Lab, you can uninstall by clicking the depthkit manager.exe as pictured below.


Then in the menu, click Remove all components to uninstall.

Also, can I ask what issue you are trying to resolve by re-installing? I may be able to provide some guidance that might be more effective than re-installing.

Hi @jillianmorrow I was just trying to get my head around the issue here. Wondered if a reinstall might help. Thanks for the info :slight_smile: It was a bit weird as WIndows just kept restarting DK when I tried to uninstall but only happened for a time.

Very strange! If you run into that again, give me a shout.