Poor Video-Depth alignment

I’m finding that the video and depth seem to be misaligned using Depthkit v0.5.4 #b15a. I’ve used DK before and this did not happen. Recently trialed the new Azure Kinect (and upgraded my license to Pro) and now it seem’s to be misaligning. I’ve used a Kinect v2 as well - same problem. Also evident on a second computer. Doesn’t seem to be evident in the Azure software. Is this something that can be fixed or anyone else has experienced? I feel like it’s making my recordings look bad - or did it always look like this?
2020-06-25 14_37_41-depthkit

Hi @Psicon_Lab, a few things may be happening here.

  • If you have the depth range set to maximum, you may be seeing a color depth shadow. This can look like a slim outline in your Depthkit capture. It is a characteristic of the depth sensor that can appear like a double image. This behavior can be seen in the image below. It is the nature of the sensor and if this is what you are running into, I recommend adjusting your depth range. Then we can see your capture more clearly to evaluate.

  • In addition, some Azure Kinects are reported to have a slight misalignment between the color and the depth, especially when more than 3 feet from the sensor. We are currently investigating the issue, and I also recommend that you check out details here as well.

Let me know if these address your issue. If you think there is another contributing factor, we can always hop on a quick chat to take a closer look at what you are seeing. :nerd_face:

Ahhh thanks @jillianmorrow… yes, the issue raised in that link definitely seems to be what’s happening - with the colour info slipping slightly over the edge of foreground objects and onto the background. Looks like it’s the Azure then

This would explain some odd visual effects I’ve noticed as I presume all the pixel colour data is slightly offset…