[RESOLVED] Depthkit Studio VFX Troubleshooting

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Dear Depthkit,

First thank you for such a great software making volumetric video much available :slight_smile:

I’m currently having some technical problems within Unity, and I hope you can help us. I’m trying to get the VFX plugin/MyLook to work, and I have been following your documentation Visual Effect Graph

but it keeps giving me this error (pls see attatched pictures). Maybe you or someone from your team can help us out?

I have used the depthkit export Multiperspective CPP Image Sequence and used ffmpeg and premiere pro for creating a video.

Thank you so much in advanced.

Can you confirm which render pipeline you’re using? The Depthkit VFX Graph integration only supports scriptable pipelines like the Universal Render Pipeline and High-Definition Render Pipeline. I didn’t see those in your package manager, but it’s possible that the URP may be just out of view.

Are you able to successfully reconstruct your asset in the desktop view without the AR plugins installed? One thing to try is to set up a Unity project with your Depthkit assets and VFX Graph first, and then add the AR Foundation/ARKit plugins afterward to see when the error is introduced.

Hi @CoryAllen

Thank you for your reply! I did have URP installed, it was just not visible on the previous screenshot. I tried starting a new project without AR foundation and after installing:
Depthkit Core, Depthkit Core Shader Graph, Depthkit Studio and Depthkit Studio Shader Graph the volumetric video player works - however when I then try to install the “Depthkit Studio Visual Effect Graph” then I get the following errors (see new screenshots).

Looking forward to hearing back from you, and thank you for your time!

All the best, Maria

Hi @MariaHerholdt_Engerm

Can you double check to make sure you have the Depthkit Core VFX graph installed prior to installing the Depthkit Studio VFX graph. The Studio package depends on the Core package for Visual Effect Graph support.

Hi James,

You were right, it seems like it was the correct order that was the core of my problems :slight_smile: It looks like it’s finally working now! Thank you so much :smiley: :blue_heart:

It still gives me a random error (see picture),is this an error I should be worried about and fix?

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Great glad this worked!

I don’t know the cause of that error but if things are working as expected you can safely ignore it for now. If you encounter further issues we may investigate to see if that error is a clue.