Master/Sub + Daisy Chain problem

Hi Depthkit Team,

We are unfortunately running into another issue. All the sensors are set to ‘standalone’ instead of multicam master/sub, and the option to open the drop down menu are grayed out. We tried changing them in the Azure Kinect Viewer, and 3 of our sensors are able to be set to master or sub sensors, however 2 of them are grayed out and so they aren’t communicating with the master. We checked the daisy chain and it all seems to be set up properly into the right sync in/out ports.
How could we fix this problem?

Act 6 Team

We also made sure the firmware was updated on each azure sensor.


The Sync Mode is automatically selected based on whether the sensor is receiving a sync signal in its input or not. If the sensor is reverting to standalone, that usually means there is an issue with the cable.

  • Sometimes it’s as simple as the cables not being seated all the way, or that one cable is plugged into the ‘Sync Out’ of two sensors.
  • Other times, it could be an internal connection issue in the cable itself.

To troubleshoot:

  • Unplug all but the first two sensors in the sync chain, and try streaming and confirming the Master/Subordinate relationship.
  • If it succeeds, stop streaming, and add another sensor to the sync chain and to the computer, and repeat.
  • Do this until you find a sensor that starts in Standalone mode.
  • Swap the sync cable out, make sure it’s fully seated and plugged into the right ports, and then try again.

UPDATE: our issue seems to have been resolved, thanks to your troubleshooting: the audio sync on sensor 10 was plugged in to “out” instead of “in” and we just updated to firmware 6.0 before realizing the human error with the cable

Hello! Need some help please.
We have a ten cam set up, we can get get them into a proper Multi cam Master and Multi cam Subordinate sync and then once we start streaming, they individualize and then switch sync mode to Standalone. Firmware 5.12 and Studio

Thank you,
Zu Team, Montreal