Azure not working with Record-license, but fine on Trial


Just got a Record-subscription, and after opening an project or starting new, the connected Azure doesn’t initialize, so I can’t record. The console outputs:
libusb: warning [libusb_exit] some libusb_devices were leaked

However, when I logout and login with a newly create Trial-account, the Azure initializes and Records without issues.
Through the MS Azure Kinect viewer or Brekel software all is fine, the problem only occurs when logged in with my Depthkit-account on which the Record-license is registered.
How can I resolve this?


I believe Azure Kinect support is a “Pro” license feature. “Record” only supports the Kinect v2 and Realsense sensors.

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Thanks Cory! Ah, I thought Record was updated to include Azure-support a while ago. My bad, must have misread probably. Appreciate the reply!

Apologies for the confusion, @AvinashChanga!