Black frame in video loop


We’re experiencing a black frame when the video loops, I’ve attached the code for the video if you can look into it? We have for each interview a stationary clip which loops and then when you enter the trigger area, the actual interview clip starts to play. The black frame appears in the stationary clip’s loop.


[Dropbox - MNA black frame .mov - Simplify your life] Here you can see the a few flashes of the black frame in the “static” video looped clip, which is then switched to the actual interview clip when the viewer moves closer.

@TimoWright is there by any chance a black frame in the video file itself?

Hi! The black frame comes with all videos which loop, unfortunately. checked the files and they don’t have a black frame.

@TimoWright I see in your script it looks like you are disabling the Depthkit Clip component at the end of every loop, then re-enabling it. This could be the issue as with the Clip component disabled, the other Depthkit components will not work properly. The Unity Video Player has a loop option already which should work in a more seamless fashion than manually triggering the looping yourself.

To seamlessly swap between two clips, I would recommend having a separate game object with a fully configured Depthkit Clip and Look for the stationary loop and another for the interview clip. To switch between them, you can enable/disable either the MeshRenderer component if you are using a Shader Graph Look, or the Look component itself if using the Built-in Look. Additionally, when hiding the stationary clip, pause the player, and start playback on the interview clip.

Thanks Timothy, we’ll try this, let me get back to this when there are some result. Thank you for your help!