[RESOLVED] Issue in 8th wall

I am trying to use Depthkit core captures in 8th wall. With a “three.js: Depthkit” or “A-Frame: Depthkit” project, I get a strange outcome when I upload my own files: I can see my picture clearly at the bottom, but it seems to be a 2D image, and above there is a distorted image. I updated the metadata file to the older structure, as instructed in the description. I have already reached out to 8th wall support a few weeks ago, but I still don’t have a response from them.
Do you have any ideas on how to solve this problem

Test.txt (1.8 KB)
? Thank you.

@NAL - Thanks for sharing the screenshot and metadata, and sorry that you’re having this issue.

It’s been a challenge to maintain Depthkit.js and it’s 8th Wall template while updates to underlying libraries and dependencies cause the integration to break, as has been seen within other forum threads.

This is one reason why we are moving our web player integration toward streaming mesh sequences for both Depthkit Core and Depthkit Studio captures. You can see a preview of this web integration in action in this post from @Tim’s LinkedIn: Depthkit 1st Party Web Player Preview. Support for this format will be available in the next Depthkit release in the coming weeks. If you’re interested in testing this new version ahead of full release, send us an email so that we can discuss this possibility in more detail.

Thank you @CoryAllen! Yes I would be interested in testing the new version ahead of full release. I sent an email to support@depthkit.tv to discuss it further. Will the new web player integration also support Depthkit Cinema?

@NAL To close the thread on this, Depthkit 0.8.1 with support for geometry sequences, optimized for the new Depthkit.js module, is available to all Depthkit users now!

This new streaming mesh sequence workflow is used in our 8th Wall templates (single-clip and multi-clip) for Depthkit Core, Depthkit Cinema, and Depthkit Studio.

(The legacy Depthkit.js version which uses Depthkit Combined Per Pixel videos has been deprecated.)

Be sure to install the version of Depthkit available from the installer available on the download page of our website to ensure that Depthkit remains up-to-date when future versions are released.