[RESOLVED] 8th Wall templates issue

Hello. I am trying to publish Depthkit captures to 8th. Following the tutorial, the template does not load when I clone it.
Trying both the single clip and multi-clip templates, I get this error :
‘App Build Failed:
Access for dependency with alias [depthkit-mesh-sequence-player] does not permit current action’

Hi @Telmo ,

This error is an issue with the Depthkit 8th Wall player module reference.

Can you confirm that you’ve cloned the associated Module as well, and that you are on version 1.2.0?

@Telmo Just checking to see if you resolved this issue with the 8th Wall template and module. Let us know if you still need assistance, otherwise I will move to close the ticket.

Hi Cory

I have ccd Sihle in this email. Its actually him on the forum asking at the moment :slight_smile:

I know that Sihle is still struggling with it though. Today he was following instructions to get the web-player working locally for him to test files with but I think its best if Sihle explains what current snap is.


HI Cory

Sihle here. We were able to resolve the first issue with the module. Our current problem is that once I’ve swapped the assets, it loads the background but not the capture. The screen just keeps showing the “loading…” forever. Our assets are on Google Cloud and permissions set to public

@Telmo Hi, Sihle. Like the discussion about Cloudflare in this recent thead, I am unfamiliar with Google Cloud’s permissions settings, but I assume the buckets/containers and objects and CORS settings need to be set similarly to how we describe setting them on Amazon S3 in our tutorial. Follow the steps I mentioned in that other thread to confirm that the files play locally using Depthkit.js, and that the object is publicly accessible, and we’ll go from there:

  • If the bucket or object hosted in cloud storage is set up with incorrect permissions, then 8th Wall won’t be able to access and play it. Are you able to paste the object URL into a browser (which is NOT logged into S3 console) and play the video in-browser? If not, this indicates the cloud container/bucket or object permissions need to be adjusted.
  • To bypass 8th Wall and test the clip see if it plays locally and offline, you can follow the steps in the Depthkit.js GitHub ’s ReadMe to build an in-browser Depthkit Streaming Geometry player which runs locally on your computer. Use this to load your clip to confirm that there aren’t any issues with the clip itself. If it fails to play, you may need to re-export the asset out of Depthkit with the Textured Geometry Sequence > WebXR preset applied.

Hi Cory,

We finally got it it to work, but had to put the asset on S3 this time.


@Telmo Sihle,

Glad to hear that it’s working. I am going to mark this resolved, but let us know if you try other cloud storage options and run into issue.