Multi-perspective WebAR

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I tried the 8th Wall integration with one perspective. It works as in the provided example.
However, for multi-perpspective, I was told that we need to send our files to 8th Wall or Microsoft for proper encoding before that functionality becomes available.

I’m waiting for an answer from 8th Wall support and will update here when I have more info.
Meanwhile, if anybody has a piece of advice, it is very welcome.

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@MartinSkorek Current support for Depthkit Studio (multi-sensor) captures in WebAR platforms like 8th Wall are currently possible by way of our third-party integrations like Arcturus HoloSuite.

Our upcoming release of the Depthkit Studio Expansion Package (Phase 8) features textured-geometry sequence export out of Unity. This format can be directly imported into Arcturus’ HoloEdit software, then published to 8th Wall via HoloStream.

This update will be available to all active Depthkit Studio customers soon!

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Thank you Cory, I just contacted them and will post eventual achievements here.

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