Depthkit and Nira. Free volumetric video web playback

Hi, I’ve been playing a little bit with this new free amazing platform with excellent results:

(I’ve uploaded OBJ sequence with 1 texture per frame, converted with Meshlab from PLY sequence provided by Depthkit team, it’s a 5 sensor capture)

Please check this documented example for embedding in the web with java and alpha support:

I believe it should be also possible to use it for webAR experiencies, what do you think? It streams only the displayed pixels so it’s very very fast for the end user.

This is super cool @DAMIANTURKIEH - it works very fluidly!

Does NIRA support WebAR natively?

I’ve just had a call with Nira co-founder Arash Keissami about it. They do not support webAR natively yet, but they will if more users ask to. platform is on early access for free now, but they may ask you to start paying a fee after a few months of using it if you do it professionally, so it’s not free forever to work with it. Anyway, is great now for showcasing Depthkit captures on 3D on the web and I hope more people asks them for webAR so they develope it, @James you should talk with them.

Hey @DAMIANTURKIEH good to hear they are approachable and eager about our use case. Can I email you to get an intro to Arash?

@James I’ve just sent an email to both of you, good luck!

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