Depthkit Core VFX disapear in Oculus Quest 2 build

I set up the project that works in build to Oculus Quest 2, but when I am adding Depth Kit Core prefab to the scene even though it works in play mode in Unity editor after building and playing on Oculus Quest 2 VFX just disappear (can not see it in the scene). I am using depthkit.core: 0.13.2 Expantion Package on Unity 2021.3.32f1. I amusing unity player for Depthikit clip. I check if Unity player will work to Oculus Quest 2 build and I created plain object wit render texture - and it works. I decided to open a new project in Unity 2020.3.25f (LTS) and try there,but I found the same issue.It is even worst - when I am adding VFX app on Oculus is crashed. Without VFX work perfectly.

UPDATE: I am building a VR app for Oculus Quest 2 in Unity 2020.3.25f1 (LTS / URP render pipeline / Oculus Integration Version 57.0.1-deprecated, newest / API29) with the Depthkit Expansion Package for Unity Phase 9. I am using the Depthkit Clip + Core Built-in Look to create my effect. It works in play mode in Unity, but when I build it for Oculus, upon opening the app, I can see the Unity logo briefly, then a scene (without my effect), and the app automatically turns off.

When I build the app without the Depthkit Core Clip in the scene, the app works on Oculus. Why doesn’t it work with the Depthkit Core Clip, and how can I resolve this?

I also found that"VFX Graph geometry output is not supported for the Quest. When designing your VFX Look, ensure that you are using point output". Where can I adjust this setting?Also, could you explain the difference between geometry output and point cloud output in the context of Depthkit?

Following your documentation (Oculus Quest), I decided to use the Depthkit Clip + Core VFX Look prefab. I started to explore the Depthkit forum and found out that the problem might be caused by an improper installation order also. So I opened a new project (using the same Unity version and URP pipeline) and installed Depthkit plugins first, followed by XR plugins, and finally Oculus Integration. The Depthkit Clip + Core Shader Graph and Depthkit Clip + VFX Look work in play mode, but when building for Oculus, the app crashes, similar to the previous project I was working on. After the build, I received three notifications in the console - please check the attached ‘urp2error.png’.

When I delate The Depthkit Clip + Core Shader Graph and Depthkit Clip + VFX Look from the scene and build app,it works on Oculus. I guess there is some problem with the Depth Kit but I do not know how to solve it.

@JustynaGorowska It sounds like the issue you are experiencing may be the same one found in this thread and this thread. I have just emailed you the pre-release patch to our Depthkit Expansion Packages for Unity which I believe will address this incompatibility issue with newer versions of Quest firmware. Let us know if the patch works, or if you have any other questions.

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