Depthkit Visual Effects (VFX) Prefabs in Phase 10 Unity Packages Fail to Import

Some users of the Depthkit Expansion Packages for Unity (Phase 10) have flagged that the prefabs for Depthkit VFX Looks fail to import. This will be fixed in the next patch, but in the meantime, here’s a workaround which constructs the example Depthkit VFX Look from scratch:

  • After all of the required packages are added, create a new empty game object.
  • Add a ‘Depthkit Clip’ component.
  • Add a ‘Depthkit Core Visual Effects Graph Look’ component. These two components will pull in all of the other components necessary to construct the object.
  • Within the object’s ‘Visual Effect’ component, and ‘General’ bin, the ‘Asset Template’ field is populated with a sample VFX graph. Click on it to reveal its location in the Project bin, then copy that VFX graph file and paste a copy in your Asset bin.
  • Assign the copy to your Depthkit object, and double-click it to open it in the graph editor to customize, and save the graph to apply the changes.