Depthkit Studio Expansion Package - Phase 8: cropping


We are testing the new Studio Expansion Package with Lite renderer. Apparently, we lost the cropping option in Unity. Is that possible? Is there a way to control the volume bounds in Unity?


Olivier (for David Duguay)

Hi, Olivier.

The Lite renderer uses a different approach than the standard Studio renderer, in that it doesn’t require defining the bounds of the voxel coordinate space. The result of this is that the user-defined volume bounds necessary for the Studio render - and which most of us use as a 3D crop - doesn’t exist in the Lite renderer.

The best way to cull out extraneous areas of captured data from the asset is to modify the shader with some additional logic to remove, for example, all voxels with a y-position < 0.

Merci beaucoup Cory! I will forward the answer to David and write back if we need more information.

David is asking if you have any examples of shader modifications to limit the vortexes that are visible?


Hi @OlivierAsselin we do not have any ready-to-go examples of how to limit the bounds of a Studio Lite clip.

If you are working with skilled a shader programmer, it should be relatively straightforward to clip or cull vertices that are outside of a user-defined bounds.

We also intend to implement support for this in the renderer, but do not have a timeline for it since it’s not a high priority feature against other improvements

Merci @James. I will write back, if we have other questions.