Depthkit studio unity export and vfx graph

I have a 5 sensor capture that I successfully loaded into unity using the shaders graph prefab, and would want to export in PLY but I can’t seem to figure out how exactly. I tried the geometry sequence exporter but it won’t export… Does it have anything to do with the StreamingAssets ?
Another issue that i’ve been encounting is when working with the VFX graph, the look doesn’t change ( I clicked on “auto” and still nothing) … Any idea of what the issues could be here?

Hi, @PatriceLaCroix

The Studio Mesh Sequence Export feature found in Phase 8 only supports the Built-in Render Pipeline and the Depthkit Studio Built-in Look. If you are using the Depthkit ShaderGraph look, this means you are using a different pipeline.

For the VFX Graph issue, are you making changes to the VFX Look in the VFX Graph Editor, and not seeing those changes reflected in your asset? If so:

  • Click ‘Compile’ at the top of the VFX Graph Editor.
  • Make sure the VFX Look you are editing is the one which is applied to your asset in its Visual Effect component (Step 11 of this guide).