GLSL Error on Lite Renderer - Android

Hi all,

I’m running into this error that is causing the volumetric video to just render pink -

GLSL link error: The number of vertex shader storage blocks (3) is greater than the maximum number allowed (0)

It’s running ok on older devices (Pixel 2) but this error seems to occur on newer devices - (Pixel 6)

Could it be down to the Graphics processor? As the newer devices are Mali and the older ones run on Adreno.

Thanks in advance

Hi @JonathanForder2

There is a known issue with the Mali GPU on some Android devices. See this issue - it’s likely what you are encountering.

Hi James,

Ok thanks for confirming. Is this officially documented anywhere? I only say this because we’ve got into some deep water with our client because of this issue. It would be good to have this flagged so other user aren’t caught out by this.

Is this something that is in the pipeline to be fix soon or is it further down the line? Our current solution is too full back to 2d videos which I’d rather not use and is disappointing we can’t use the volumetric video.

Hope you can help.


Hi @JonathanForder2,

I’m sorry to hear you are in hot water with your client from this issue. Thank you for the feedback that the limitations on Android compatibility were not clear at the get go.

The place where this is documented is here: Platform support

Mobile Android is labeled as “In Development” and should not be considered production ready. We will update the documentation to make sure this is much more clear.

The work around for production ready mobile deployment of Depthkit Studio assets is to use our 3rd-party integrations Arcturus HoloEdit or Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studios.

HoloEdit is a self-serve solution. To use it with Depthkit, export Depthkit Studio Mesh Sequence from Unity that can then be imported into the Arcturus suite directly. See the documentation on how to export Mesh Sequences. Studio Mesh Sequence export

For the MRCS (aka Hcap), you’ll work directly with Scatter to coordinate with the Microsoft team to compress your captures in HCap format. You can see a demonstration of the MRCS quality with Depthkit here:

There are additional costs associated with both unfortunately. I’m aware these are not the best solutions. Long term our roadmap is to have a full end to end pipeline in Depthkit with full device support. It represents considerable technical development. The partnerships with playback partners have allowed us to put something in place for full support for the time being.

Happy to discuss further to see how we can get your project back on track for success. Thanks for bearing with us.