How to make a custom mask as the guild? Any details?

Hi, I try to make a depth video with clear image edge, and I have found the custom mask but not like the greenscreen setting in OBS, depthkit need a video here. How to make such video?

Let’s say you shot on a green screen. Here you can pull a key, generate a matte from you color footage, and apply this as a custom mask in the same drop down selection. What this will do is generate clean edges while providing a canvas in which your depth can then be enhanced in the Refine panel. Check out the example below.

And PS:How export 1080P video, it seems only 848*512 for pro? not exactly same as I saw in the Pro account detail

Hi Welkin! Let me share a couple resources here. First, check out some best practices for making a custom mask. I will be adding more details in the documentation shortly. What is your preferred tool for making a mask? I can also add a guide for Adobe Premiere or After Effects, but let me know what you prefer and I will link it in the thread.

What a custom mask provides is a way to isolate your subject for depth enhancement. Once the mask is applied, you can repair holes in the depth, reduce depth noise, and generally enhance the original data. You can also export with a resolution that matches your source color video. Let’s say you shot with the Kinect. Here your source sensor video would be 1920x1080. If you apply a custom mask to this, your enhanced export would be 1920x2144. The added height is to make room for both the color and the depth data to be represented in the combined-per-pixel format. Keep in mind that the crop of your take will alter the export resolution of your Depthkit footage. It must also be noted that in order to export with the source resolution, you need to apply a custom mask. Read more about enhancing your data here.

I hope this is helpful! Hit me up with more questions as you dig in to the enhancement workflow. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thx for explain. best to add this note in the doc.

After Effects will be fine for me, thanks

Hey Welkin, I have a very basic step by step guide for pulling a key with After Effects. I will add more details and best practices shortly and will add this to the Depthkit documentation.