Introducing Depthkit Creator Profiles: Keijiro Takahashi

Hey everyone!

We’re really happy to announce that we’ve started doing a creator profile series with Depthkit creators! We’ve just released our first interview with Unity legend Keijiro Takahashi and really hope you check it out. He talks about using Depthkit with Unity’s new Visual Effects Graph and what it’s like to move from traditional motion capture to volumetric.

Read it in English here.
Read it in its original Japanese here.

Taken from the article:

Keijiro Takahashi: Volumetric video has a couple big advantages over motion capture. First, there’s the sheer ease of use; and then there’s the whole range of expression it grants you. As for ease of use: I use motion capture a lot, and I always feel like it’s a tremendous hassle. It requires a lot of equipment and people—and booking a studio—just thinking about it makes your wallet hurt.

But with volumetric video you can just roll up with a Kinect and Depthkit and start shooting with really minimal amounts of equipment. All these experimental pieces, from shooting to completion, took only a few days. When you’re doing creative work, I can’t stress how important it is for everything to be lightweight like this—to let you have an idea and strike while the iron is hot.

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Also, let us know below if there is anyone else you’d like to see featured in this way. Maybe someone who’s work you really like, maybe even yourself. Let us know!