Kinect maximum distance and other requirements


(Julien Bayle) #1

Hi there, I’m very new to DepthKit.
Still waiting for our Kinect v2 in the studio.

Could someone tell me about the maximum distance the Kinect can measure ? I need to calibrate the requirements for the room I will use for capturing people moving.

What would you advise me about other requirements ?
I’m asking myself about the light… DepthMap capture doesn’t require light but optic surely does.

Thanks in advance.

(jillian morrow) #2

Hey Julien! The Kinect has a general range of 0.5m - 4.5m (1’8"-14’6"). However, for maximum quality, you want to keep your subjects closer to the Kinect if possible. This will increase your spatial resolution, or the overall quality of your depth. Check out some more Kinect details here and a nifty link to understanding the range and field of view of the Kinect.

A note on lighting:
Rule of thumb: avoid lighting that is hot to the touch. Hot lights will intefere with your depth data and create noise in the depth. Check out these lighting recommendations here in our documentation.