Lighting a Depthkit Asset with In-Engine Lighting in Unity

Reposting @INungChuang 's question from this thread here in a new thread, as it is a separate topic:

And there’s another question is how can I let the DepthKit object effect by light in Unity?

The Depthkit Expansion Packages include looks for different Unity Render Pipelines:

  • Depthkit Core/Studio Built-In Looks are included in the Depthkit Core and Depthkit Studio plugins, and only work in Unity’s Built-In Render Pipeline. It allows your Depthkit asset to receive shadows, but does not factor any additional in-engine lighting.
  • Depthkit Core/Studio Shader Graph Looks are included in the Depthkit Core Shader Graph and Depthkit Studio Shader Graph plugins, and only work with Unity’s Scriptable Render Pipelines (URP/HDRP). These looks can be configured to either be Unlit (similar to the Built-in Look), or Lit allowing the asset to interact with in-engine lighting elements.

See the documentation linked above for more information.