Lots of holes capturing with Intel Realsense D435

Hey all! Just playing with DepthKit properly for the first time and I’m using the Intel Realsense D435. I know this is considered experimental, but so far everything is dandy except for the fact that my data stream has a lot of holes in it. The default RealSense software lets me fill the holes, but I don’t see that option for DepthKit. Any tips? Thanks!

Hey Alex! Are you capturing with a green screen by chance? If so, you can take advantage of the Refine parameters in the export window. This uses Depthkit’s depth enhancement algorithm to repair holes and generally enhance your depth data.

Check out more in the refinement documentation.


Ah! Didn’t see that since it’s only in the Pro license option: image

Hey Alex! You can upgrade at any time and still enhance your existing footage!

Hi @ibrews,

You’re definitely going to get a lot of improvement if you go for the Pro version with our Enhancement system as @Jillian suggests. But I want to explain a little more on this from a technical perspective.

Depthkit’s RealSense is in experimental status, it’s true, and one thing that means for us is that we haven’t yet had a chance to deeply investigate and implement their post-processing system. As you point out there is in fact a lot of configuration available in the RealSense SDK including manual exposure settings, and the quality improvements.

We’ll keep you updated as we improve our implementation for RealSense- we appreciate the question as it helps us to know there are users out there looking for it!

Thanks James and Jillian-- your answers are much appreciated!