Magic Leap Single Pass Instanced Issue for Zero Days / Hologram Look

I’m having an issue rendering the hologram shader to magic leap. The standard fill shader works fine. The hologrm shader only renders to one eye.

Setting the player stereo rendering mode to ‘Single Pass Instanced’ is important for using Magic Leap. The issue is fixed if setting this to ‘Multi Pass’ but this affects the playback dramatically.

We’ve edited the ‘Depthkit_ZeroDaysLookLines’ shader as suggested from this link:
but this didn’t fix the issue. This has fixed the issue with other shaders with the same problem.

One comment from another developer was this:
Shader could be calling graphics draw mesh rather than graphics draw mesh instanced

Any help or ideas gratefully received. Thanks

Unity version 2019.1.0b
Lumin OS 0.95.2
Lumin SDK 0.20.0

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Hey Aaron,

This is a great find. We’ll take a look at this on our side and get back you ASAP. Likely need a nuanced update to the shader.

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Thanks James,

I’m working on some porting to Magic Leap today, so if you have any thoughts on the above let me know and I can test them out later.