Unity Lightweight Render Pipeline Shader

Hey guys,
does anybody have experience how to setup the dethkit shader for the LW RP in Unity?

thanks in advance!

Hey Gloria,

We have not tried the LW RP yet. Are you looking for validation before giving it a try or have you tried it and running into issues? if so, please let us know what you’re seeing and we may be able to help! If not, perhaps you can give it a try and let us know what you find.

Hey @obviousjim @GloriaSchulz I’m also interested in how to do this too. I just tried using depthkit with the Lightweight Render Pipeline but im getting all pink textures. Is there any way that you know if to get this to work?

@Chris We don’t have a plan to directly support this immediately, but we are working on a new version of the plugin that does work with HDRP and will likely work with LWRP as well! No ETA on the release yet, but it will be coming soon™.

I could not use the Depthkit Unity Plugin within the LWRP (preview). What is the recommended template for setting up a project? The simple 3D template?