New beta version of depthkit studio keeps on crashing

I have been trying the new beta version v.0.7.0 but it crashes when i switch to editor

Hi @EasiofySolutions ,

Thank you for trying the beta and sorry to hear about it crashing.

First, please ensure you are running the latest drivers from Nvidia.

If updating drivers doesn’t address the issue, can you please help us identify the crash by providing a full log?

To get the log, open Depthkit 0.7.0 from the command line, so that when the crash occurs the log does not disappear. Once you have the crash occur, copy the log from the console and post it here. From there we can determine the cause and address the crash

The log will also include the system specs at the top, which is important for us to determine the issu.

Thanks again!

Dear @EasiofySolutions

We have found the cause and implemented a solution to this crashing. The crash is a result of Depthkit demanding more VRAM than the system supports, which is a result of the volume bounds being too large and the Mesh Density being too dense.

We will be sharing an updated Pre-release build soon that prevents the crash.

To avoid the crash in the meantime, keep your volume bounds reasonably small and your mesh density lower. Alternatively, use a video card with increase VRAM if you must increase your bounds and density.

If you are not able to open the Editor due to the default settings exceeding the limit, see the post here for a way to reduce the bounds and density in the project file JSON which will allow you to open the editor:

@EasiofySolutions - Depthkit v0.7.0 has just been released, and has addressed the crashing issue you were experiencing.

You can read more about some of these features in our latest blog post, and find more info in the announcement for the new update.