New Category: Computers & Hardware!

Hello folks! As the landscape of computers and other hardware - like sensors, cables, and peripherals - is constantly changing, we’ve created a place to share questions and experiences about the hardware with which you’re using Depthkit.

Whether you have found a workstation which purrs when capturing a handful of sensors at high-resolution, or an affordable laptop that’s perfect for a portable single-sensor capture rig, or a USB cable which makes your life easier, we want to know how it’s working for you!

Are you shopping for a computer or hardware to use with Depthkit? Take a look at our recommended specifications for Depthkit Core and Depthkit Studio, or share the parameters that your ideal system meets, and our community can help guide you. For Depthkit Studio customers, you can even purchase fully-tested hardware directly from us.

The above link is dead:

@JillBoyce Thanks for catching this dead link as well. I have replaced it with links which point to our respective Depthkit Core and Depthkit Studio hardware recommendations.