What's the recommended Laptop for Depthkit Core?

Hi all,

I am not sure if this has been answered, but what is the current best Portable PC to buy for running Depthkit Core with Azure Kinect? I am a MAC guy, so I don’t have enough knowledge on PC’s. In the past I have been scarred by bad USB controllers, so I figured I’d give the community a chance to recommend the best solution. Preferably below $2K, but I am open.

Hi, @FlemmingLaursen - One good indicator of USB compatibility is the presence of Thunderbolt, which is an Intel technology, and usually means there are Intel-powered USB ports onboard.

We have successfully tested a few laptops in Dell’s XPS and Precision lines which run Depthkit Core (and even Depthkit Studio with up to 3 sensors!). This Dell XPS looks like it would work well.