Notch VFX workflow

Hello folks,

will there be an integration with Notch VFX?

Or is there a recommended workflow since Notch VFX is a real time tool? Alembic maybe or so?


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Hey @ChristianGasteiger! We don’t have plans for this in our immediate road map but I would love to learn more about your interest so we can consider it for future integration. Can you share a bit more about your creative and technical needs? Would alembic be your preferred file format for Notch?

If interested, feel free to submit this as a feature request so others can vote for it!

I know notch has it’s own way of kinect sdk integration so I have no idea what might be more efficient.

But I know they handle fbx and abc files well, so it would be great to have an export to a finished fbx or abc animation. Greyscale on the mesh would be enough.
It might come handy for other software who support these file formats, not only notch vfx imo.

I’ll submit a freature request for fbx and/or alembic output.


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Thanks @ChristianGasteiger!