Quest 2 -plug in conflict

Hello, I’m using Depth Kit 9.0 and everything was working great in project. I am trying to test with Quest 2 and getting link working. . Somehow in the process either the xr plugin or oculus plugin did something that was a conflict for Depth Kit and now I’m getting renderheads errors in safe mode, and player errors and unable to find prefab in regular mode. Any thoughts to troubleshoot?

Hi @SlavicaCeperkovic

Sorry for the trouble. Could you please post a screenshot of the error?

Also please confirm you are using “Phase 8” download just shared with the pilot program.

One further question, are you building with Depthkit Core (single perspective) or Depthkit Studio (multiple perspectives)?

For Quest compatibility in Depthkit Studio, we recommend Depthkit Studio Lite renderer and Built-in Render Pipeline.


Hi James, I am using Depth Kit core Version 0.9.0 installed august 2021

Hi @SlavicaCeperkovic

That error looks like AVPro is not being found by Depthkit. If you are using the AVPro player for Depthkit, then you’ll need to ensure the AVPro plug in is also present. AVPro is a separate add on available from RenderHeads that offers superior video playback to Unity’s built in Video Player.

Which version of AVPro are you using? Perhaps you are still using AVPro 1 or do not have AVPro installed.

As of Phase 6 we are exclusively supporting AVPro 2 - see the release notes here

Hi @James. The problem is that I started the project as a 3Dfile, everything was working fine and then I installed plugins for xr and the video player was removed and then the file now has to be in Safe mode. There was a conflict in the pipeline with something. I tried reinstalling Core plug in and it doesn’t work. I started a new file from scratch with the VR template, then followed the quest tutorial on the site for settings, and there is no conflict, but in play mode doesn’t show up on the link on the quest 2 so not sure what’s happening.

Hi @SlavicaCeperkovic

Sorry for the trouble! There are so many different settings and interactions possible in Unity with all the different plug ins, it can be very difficult to debug.

In order to help pin down the problem, can you capture a screen recording of your set up, beginning with a fresh Unity project all the way to where you encounter the error?

Hi @James
Here’s a screen recording. It didn’t capture the screen shots of the build settings so I’ll upload those here too.

Hi @SlavicaCeperkovic Thanks for posting - I’m not able to understand exactly the error you are encountering from the screen recording and settings. Can you point me in the direction of what you are seeing is not working here?


Hi @JamesGeorge . I’m trying to figure out the setting in the unity file to make it work in quest 2.
I can get it to play back in a screen but not as an immersive VR testing with the play mode in unity. Here’s a screen shot of what i mean

This is with the unity feature added in the menu

Hi @SlavicaCeperkovic
From the screenshots, it appears you are encountering issues with building from Unity to Oculus Quest 2 - I’ts not clear if you are trying to get it to run with Link or natively on the Quest.

Since this is a general Unity question that doesn’t seem to be an issue specifically with Depthkit Plugin, please look to the documentation for those various workflows.

Building to Quest 2 on Unity

Building to VR with Unity

Hope these are helpful! Please respond if you encounter issues with Depthkit Plugin playback once you are successfully building to VR.