Request for Typing Field Values

Hello! Not sure how much of an ask this is, but it would be great if I could type in values for the near/far clipping distance when adjusting isolation, or the bit rate when exporting, or camera white balance/gamma in manual mode, etc instead of only being able to move sliders around. I’m sure the difference between a 8.07 mbps and 7.98 mbps bitrate is basically negligible, or 3196k and 3221k in white balance, or a clipping distance of 1.5m vs 1.52m, but it would still be great to set these kinds of values precisely. Just something to think about for future iterations! Thanks and keep up the great work!

Hi, @WhittSellers - Thanks for the feedback. Direct text entry is on our list of improvements to implement, so we’ll count this as a vote to prioritize for future releases.

Until then, you can enter precise values by closing Depthkit, modifying the Depthkit project JSON, and re-opening the project, though this is a delicate process and can easily corrupt your project if not done carefully, so if you try it, proceed with caution.

Yay, thank you! I’ll probably hold off on modifying the json for now, I have backups in case something happens, but I don’t think getting the bit rate exactly to 8 mpbs is worth the risk. Take care!