[RESOLVED] 8th Wall compatibility with other CDNs

We are trying unsuccessfully to WebXR export using a CDN (Cloudfare Connectivity Cloud).

We have been following this tutorial, which does not explain how:
Publishing Depthkit captures to 8th Wall with streaming geometry sequences.

Additionally, is a particular 8thWall licence necessary eg Pro rather than Basic, which we are testing with?


@Terence - Is that to say you have exported a Draco streaming geometry sequence (with the WebXR preset applied at export) from Depthkit, and are trying to host it on Cloudflare and render it using one of the Depthkit 8th Wall templates?

I am unfamiliar with Cloudflare’s CDN products specifically, but it looks like their R2 product is comparable to Amazon/AWS’s S3 product used in the tutorial. I assume the same principles covered in our tutorial apply to Cloudflare R2 as well (bucket permissions, CORS settings, object settings, etc.), but there may be some differences in how these principles are applied compared to S3.

Please list out the specific steps you have performed to:

  • set up the CDN bucket
  • upload the assets to that bucket
  • how you have located the object URL’s once the asset is in the cloud

Additionally, please provide the exact error you are seeing when attempting to load the assets in the 8th Wall template.

Though hosting on Cloudflare is out of scope of our tutorial, our team or someone else here on the forums may see where the issue lies based on the steps you took to set this up.

Are you able to upload the same asset to S3 to confirm that it works when hosted there?

I do not think Pro license is needed to do the kind of testing you are doing, but the folks over on 8th Wall’s support forums will know better than I do.

Hi Cory. I have asked our technical support Boacheng Ma to respond on the forum. Or Ben Turnbull. This is out of my knowledge area.

Thanks again.


Hi Cory,

Many thanks for your reply.
We are using AWS to test now. I have setup the bucket, uploaded the asset and located the objects url.
I have cloned the Depthkit project. However, there seems to be an error with it. This error refers to the module called ‘depthkit-mesh-sequence-player’. It will not run the original assets that come with the depthkit project, or our new assets either. I include a screenshot specifying the error message

If I select the module there is a message that says ‘the module manifest file is missing’.

Hi, @BenTurnbull, it looks like you need to import the Depth Mesh Sequence Player 8th Wall module into your project. Follow that link, and click the Import button, then select your workspace project from the dropdown to apply it. Let me know if this doesn’t resolve your issue.

Hi Cory,

Thanks for the suggestion. Now, I see the sidewalk background and a ‘loading’ prompt that doesn’t go away. Our Draco export doesn’t load?



@BenTurnbull - This could be caused by a few things:

  • If the bucket or object hosted on S3 is set up with incorrect permissions, then 8th Wall won’t be able to access and play it. Are you able to paste the object URL into a browser (which is NOT logged into S3 console) and play the video in-browser? If not, this indicates the S3 bucket or object permissions need to be adjusted.
  • To bypass 8th Wall and test the clip see if it plays locally and offline, you can follow the steps in the Depthkit.js GitHub’s ReadMe to build an in-browser Depthkit Streaming Geometry player which runs locally on your computer. Use this to load your clip to confirm that there aren’t any issues with the clip itself. If it fails to play, you may need to re-export the asset out of Depthkit with the Textured Geometry Sequence > WebXR preset applied.

Please post any error messages or screenshots of the issues you are seeing, as without them, it’s difficult to narrow down the issue. Thanks!

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Thanks again Cory… it was the permissions it seems to be working correctly now.

@BenTurnbull Great to hear. I’ll mark this as resolved for now, but if you move back to Cloudflare and run into further issues, reply on this thread, and I’ll reopen the ticket.