[RESOLVED] Blue Screen Crash

While we’ve been working on our VolCap setup we are noticing consistent blue screen crashes while recording and calibrating using 6 sensors on a windows 11, i9, rtx 3090 and 64gb ram machine. Can anyone help us out?

We are seeing following errors -


Dear @SumedhSawant,

Thanks for posting, welcome to the forums!

I’m happy to help get to the bottom of your bluescreen error. First up, this is definitely uncommon and shouldn’t happen! In the past when this has happened with other users, we have narrowed it down to an underlying issue with the hardware or drivers, that is pre-existing and then can’t handle the Depthkit Studio workload.

I’ll first list some possible causes of the issue for you to take a look at:

Keep camera count and color resolution within your Graphics Card’s Limitation
First up, your RTX 3090 graphics card can only support 5 streams at 1440p, not 6. This is due to the NVENC chips being restricted on this card (see our support matrix).

→ The first test I recommend is going to 5 sensors at 1440p and seeing if the crashing persists

Ensure Graphics Drivers are up to date
Related to the above, there have been some significant updates in NVIDIA Graphics drivers in the past months (see my post from March). Download the NVIDIA GeForce Experience and install the latest Studio drivers for your card.

Ensure correct USB cables and PCIe expansion
The Azure Kinect is extremely picky about USB cables and ports. Ensure you are running our recommended hardware listed here, and accept no substitutes because we find most alternatives will fail. Detailed USB compatibility information is here

Ensure Azure Kinect Firmware is up to date
If you are seeing any camera firmware update needed in the Studio Calibration & Recording interface, please follow our instructions here to get onto the latest firmware

Ensure sufficient cooling, ventilation, isolated power
Lastly, Bluescreen issues can be caused by overheating or power fluctuations. Make sure you are on a stable power circuit isolated from other high draw equipment like studio lights. Ideally use a APC or something similar.

Look out for any overheating or enclosures that could stop ventilation fans from working

I hope these help you resolve the issues. In case those ideas all don’t remedy the crashing, I’ll need a little more information. Please answer the following

  • What color resolution are you streaming with?
  • Do you have any background processes or applications running on the system?
  • What exact model of i9 are you running?
  • Can you confirm that the PCIe expansion is running in 8x or 16x PCIe ports? You can see this by looking at the labels on the motherboard.


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Thanks so much for answering & sorry for the delayed reply. We wanted to be sure we had carefully followed every step, and IT WORKED!

There were several issues that needed to be resolved;

A stable electrical supply eliminated irregular crashes and improved the diagnosis of other problems.

Our wires weren’t all the same and had problems. All of them have now been swapped out for the ones you supplied, and the PCIe extension card has also been inserted.

Since we intended to take advantage of 10 sensors, we changed our GPU to the RTX A5000.

Cooling was a problem since even after 15 minutes of recording with 10 sensors at 1080p, this PC would crash.

Thanks very much to James & Cory for your help, everything is operating smoothly at the moment.