[RESOLVED] Box Collider with Built in render pipeline can it be scaled up?

Hello @CoryAllen and all

Question re: 10 cam capture of a performer whose movements are quite wide.
For now we are working with the Studio Built-in RP Look in Unity 2020.3.33

Once the Depthkit multicam clip loads in the Built-in render pipeline, the box collider is cutting off the extremities of the performer as she moves her limbs past the edges of the box collider boundaries.

We tried to scale the size of the Box Collider but without success, is there a solution for increasing it’s size?

We get an error message when trying to remove it since the StudioLook scripts depends on it.

@VeroniqueLevert There are two stages in the workflow which determine which geometry is culled from the reconstructed mesh:

  • The near- and far-planes of each sensor in Depthkit’s Edit context before exporting - Make sure each of them is set as close to your subject as possible without clipping off any of their performance at their furthest-reaching moments.
  • The 3D bounding box in Unity - This bounding box (outlined in white) is separate from the Box Collider (outlined in green), and is adjusted using the handles (white dots) in the center of each face of the box in the 3D viewport. Simply click and drag these handles to move them outward. - Make sure you click the ‘Set Surface Buffer Capacity’ button after you do.


You can find more information about how the bounding box works here.

Thanks a lot @CoryAllen, we are now seeing our entire capture!
Best from the Zu team & Olivia