[RESOLVED] Spout Capture Blank

I’m trying to live stream DepthKit into Unity, a set up I’ve had working for a while, and for some reason starting this week all my streams are blank. I noticed it when nothing was rendering in my Unity Clip Viewer component.

To debug, I’ve looked at the Spout demo viewer application and the OBS Spout plugin. Both streams are showing all black. Here’s a screenshot:

You’ll notice it’s showing the proper resolution, which updates when I change settings in DepthKit.

Everything looks normal in the DepthKit application and when I record clips they are not blank. The only thing I have changed in my setup recently is I’ve been working on calibrating three cameras. The issue is the same whether in single or multi camera setup.

Some things I have tried:

  • I verified that it’s not a Spout issue because the demo sender program stream works
  • Creating a new project didn’t fix it
  • Re-installing DepthKit didn’t fix it

Would love some ideas here.


@JacobPeddicord Out of curiosity, does your computer have both discrete and integrated graphics chipsets? If so, are you forcing the Spout apps to use the same GPU as Depthkit? This can be set in Windows Graphics Settings by adding the executables to the list and then specifying the “high performance” (discrete) GPU with Depthkit and Unity use by default.

Let me know if this has any affect.

Hey Cory thanks for the help. Didn’t have any effect. Is there anywhere I can go for me detail logs than the console window shows?

@JacobPeddicord We noticed in your screenshot that it says ‘Using CPU Sharing’, which I am unfamiliar with, and also may be introducing an issue. Can you disable that in the Spout Settings panel, and does that make a difference?

CPU sharing was definitely a signal something was wrong. It seems like setting depthkit to high performance in the graphics settings and setting “Optimus global processor” to “High performance” in Spout Settings fixed the issue.

Thanks for the help!