[RESOLVED] Studio Renderer lite Shadows

Hi there,

Just a quick one regarding shadows and the Lite Renderer. Can we cast shadows using this? I’m having trouble being able to cast shadows. By the looks of the shader it should be there but I’m not getting the expected results.

Currently in a simple scene with one directional light (with shadows on) and a floor plane.

Other objects receive shadows but the video does not.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @JonathanForder2

The Studio Lite renderer can both cast and receive shadows. One tricky thing is that both the Core and Studio Lite renderers default to having no normals computed, which doesn’t interact well with a non-zero normal bias for directional lights. Other lights seem to work fine for shadow casting, but for receiving shadows, having no normals is an issue. To get around this you can choose a Normal Generation Method within the Mesh Source component for both Core and Studio Lite renderers.

Any method other than “None” should allow your clip to both receive and cast shadows. The fastest method is “Depth Camera” if performance is a concern, which works fairly well for shadows, but are not accurate surface normals.

Ah, I see… Yeah I had that set to None. Thanks for the tip. Maybe add that as a tooltip note?