Unity URP Shader Issues

So I’ve been following instructions on how to get started using Depthkit’s Shader Graph package in URP. I’m using the tester 3 x 10 camera footage, but as you can see the footage is not displaying correctly. I’ve also tried it in a fresh HDRP project and the footage still corrupts in the same way. Any ideas on how to fix this issue?

Edit: Managed to resolve the issue by using the ‘Studio’ versions of the packages available instead of the ‘core’ version. Not sure what exactly the difference between the two is supposed to be?


Hi Ben,

Glad to hear you were able to get it working! Sorry for the confusion

To help clarify the difference in the packages for for future reference, The Depthkit Core packages work with captures from the Depthkit Core product tier, which allow for rendering single-perspective volumetric data. The Core unity packages also render the Depthkit Cinema captures since those are a single depth perspective as well.

Depthkit Studio packages are designed to render the multi-perspective captures from Depthkit Studio, which is the data you are testing with there.

When you load Depthkit Studio clips into the Depthkit Core Mesh Sources and Looks, you’ll see the types of errors you encountered.

We intend to help clarify this in the future with better info and warning messaging in Unity. Thanks for bearing with us and putting in the persistence to get it working!

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