Video Player + Timeline Error From Tutorial

Hello all! I’m currently following the tutorial on how to add a timeline to the Depthkit Expansion Package project. I’m following the tutorial and I’m specifically at this part here When I try to drag the prefab into the Video Player import box, it gives me the blocked symbol aka won’t let me drag it into that box. I’ve followed this tutorial twice and for some reason it will not let me drag the prefab into the Video Player box. I’ve also clicked on the box to import and nothing shows / is available. Any ideas?

Update: I fixed this by dragging the direct prefab from the folder/project viewer instead of the Hierarchy viewer. For some reason unity just wont let me drag it from the Hierarchy viewer. All fixed!

Update 2: Not sure this method fixed anything… when I scrub the timeline nothing happens. I’ll have to try all this again sometime…

Update 3: I’m going to make a video of this tonight so we can troubleshoot this better. I can see how this may be impossible to troubleshoot without it haha

@Andrew , yes there’s some bug in the Unity UI that we have had trouble reproducing when adding the Depthkit Prefab’s video player to the control track. My workaround for this is documented in our Timeline integration documentation - search for ‘quirk’ to jump to the relevant section.

Perfect! This should definitely fix it.

Apologies for missing the quirk as I was following the video tutorial and missed this information. I’ll be sure to read as well on my next tutorial! Thanks again Cory. All mysteries solved today!