Vimmerse platform: Upload your DepthKit captures for streaming

Vimmerse provides a platform and SDKs to create, stream and play 3D video.

Our platform is now available at for anyone to upload their own video captures, including captures from DepthKit. Our platform processes uploaded captures to form 3D video that is hosted for streaming video playback using HLS.

The Vimmerse product offering includes:

  • APIs for 3D immersive video content preparation platform
  • Website access to content preparation platform
  • Player SDK and sample apps

The platform creates two types of output bitstreams from the uploaded captures – bullet video and 3D video.

  • Bullet video is a 2D video representation of the 3D video, following a pre-determined navigation path (referred to in MIV as a “pose trace”). Bullet video may be streamed (HLS) or downloaded (MP4) for playback on any device.
  • 3D video gives viewers the ability to control navigation with 6 Degrees of Freedom (6DoF), where they can pan around or step into the scene. 3D video playback may be streamed (HLS) to the Vimmerse player. An Android player is currently available for testing, with PC and iOS players expected shortly. Please contact me to request access to the Android player.

An example bullet video captured using DepthKit can be found here. Visit our featured content page to see example 3D videos from different capture systems.

Please upload your DepthKit captures and try out the Vimmerse platform at following the content capture instructions found here. We currently only have support for capture from a single Azure Kinect DK sensor, but plan to add support for multi-sensor capture with DepthKit Studio soon.

I would love to get your feedback on our platform and any additional feature requests.

Jill Boyce
CEO, Vimmerse

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Thanks for sharing, @JillBoyce ! Very exciting!

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I would like to try 6DoF on an Android player.
Please tell me the procedure to try.

Content capture and upload instructions are available here: Content Capture Instructions – Vimmerse Blog

The Android player is still in beta test. I will send the access details to you directly.

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