Depthkit subscription withdrawing money after cancelling it

Hello, I’ve cancelled subscription but money was withdrawn. I’m really shocked by this situation also sent a message more than 7 days ago and still haven’t got a response.

I also found terrible that I reported about bug 3 years ago still it haven’t been fixed.

Hi @NikitaSavostyanov

Thanks for getting in touch over the support email and forum. I’m so sorry you had a negative experience with Scatter’s billing system and that we have not been able to yet address the bug you found years ago.

Your refund has been processed in full. The reason for the delay in refund is that I was out of office travelling. We have a small team and cannot always respond immediately to these requests. Rest assured we take your trust seriously and your request for refund was processed.

For the future and for the confidence of other community members- your subscription cancellation was placed on November 6th, the day after your renewal on November 5th had already been processed. So it was not an error in our system that your credit card was charged. We have granted the refund anyway because we do not want to charge you if you did not intend to renew.

We apologize for the OBJ export bug not being addressed. The reason is that 99% of our users use our Combined Per Pixel format, very very few users use the OBJ export so it has not been a priority for us. The good news is we are currently overhauling our geometry export system and it should be fixed in the near future.

Regardless of all this, please accept my sincere apologies on behalf of the Scatter that you had a negative experience with Depthkit’s functionality and subscription portal. We hope that our response will help to restore your trust.

All the best

  • James George / Co-Founder & CEO