Missing Normal Generation option in Studio Expansion Package

Hi! I’m currently working on a project where we’re trying to utilize transparent shaders for the depthkit clips, and encountering issues with the generated normals. In your docs, there’s a page (https://docs.depthkit.tv/docs/known-issues-workarounds) that talks about being able to adjust the Normal Generation Technique, but this doesn’t appear to be an option on the Depthkit Studio Mesh Source component. Has it been moved to another place or is this feature just not available for studio assets?

Hey @MatthewNapolillo

For the Depthkit Studio Mesh Source, there is no option to choose a normal generation technique. Per-vertex normals are generated by default for studio assets.

Can you describe how you’re using the normals, and the problems you’re having with them?

Hi @Tim! Thanks for responding.

I’ve been working with the studio assets to create a transparent hologram style shader, and I was experiencing some issues with how some parts of the mesh were being rendered (hair and shoulders rendering in front of the face, for example). I was thinking perhaps adjusting how the normals were generated could lead to a solution. I was also looking into trying to edit the ZWrite + ZTest options in the shader graph, but the version of URP I was using didn’t have those options. Updating the unity version to 2021.2+ was the solve since they’ve recently added those options to shader graphs in URP 12.

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