Need a efficient and effective workflow for capturing audio

Hey Team

Just looking for a solution on how to make a efficient workflow of capturing audio for our volumetric captures. Right now I’m recording with dji mic and then using adobe premiere to match it. I hope their is a simpler way, Im also manually stopping the mic and using my phone to stop volumetric recording. Looking for a better way. Thank you

Does this solution still apply ?

@TremayneJackson - Currently, the double-system recording workflow described in the post you linked to is still how audio is captured for Depthkit clips.

Depthkit Studio (multi-sensor) recordings can be triggered to start and stop using the OSC remote control API, and I have successfully customized our TouchOSC template to send a command to simultaneously start and stop Depthkit, as well as Reaper (running on a networked computer) so that the Depthkit and audio recordings start and stop on approximately the same frame, eliminating the need to manually line them up in post-production.