Origin point in the Unity Plugin

Can anyone advise what the origin point is for a model brought into Unity. Is 0,0,0 the Kinect camera always or some other point in front of the subject?


Hey @DanMills! The default origin is the location of the sensor position seen in the demo clip below.

Yes, positioning and especially rotating DepthKit clips in Unity requires patience. I find it best to first set up a parent object (at 0,0,0) for multiple ‘actor-object-clips’, and then position the clips. Obvious.

But then I bind that parent, with its PlayableDirector-Animator component, to a Unity Timeline object. This allows animating any parameter of DepthKit Looks (opacity etc.) on a Unity Timeline.

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The Hierarchy

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Three DepthKit clips’ parent (empty object) bound to a timeline object. The three blue animation clips (center) are controlling the opacity of the points in a Zero Days Look Point Layer.
Have fun!

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Thanks for sharing @NickVenden!