Problem with Uv mapping


For a particular project we would love to use our capture in procreate, but it requires a very good Uv mapping of the object. We recently acquired Cinema 4D to test the different tools to improve our captures, and when looking at the Uvs, it’s very messy and seems almost impossible to improve. Is there a way to improve it, in c4d or any other software?

Hi, @PatriceLaCroix . What is the workflow you are using to get into C4D? Are you reconstructing the assets in Unity and then exporting textured fused PLY’s, then importing those into C4D?

We’re using the studio mesh sequence export Unity plugin to get the PLYs , then we are converting these files into OBJs (C4D doesnt support .ply ) ! Is that what you call “texture fused PLY’s” ?

@PatriceLaCroix Yes, the Studio Mesh Sequence export workflow is currently the best way to get a sequence of fused (a.k.a. ‘stitched’) meshes from Depthkit captures. These PLY’s can be converted to other formats like OBJ’s, as you’ve done.

As you can see in these Blender screenshots, the texture maps are a tiled format similar to our Combined per Pixel format (but only packing color data, and interpolating edge values to avoid visible seams).

It is possible to UV-unwrap the mesh and bake the texture map to one with a different arrangement of texture islands, but since each frame is its own mesh, this would need to be repeated for each frame.