Why are my 8th wall captures face the back

Hello, this is Sherif. I was wondering if you would ever create the aws to 8th wall instruction. The video on the website is for the older 8th wall design. Moreover, I was wondering why all of my captures ended up facing the back.

@SICSPACE Hi, Sherif! Welcome!

The video found in our Publishing Depthkit captures to 8th Wall with streaming geometry sequences tutorial covers Depthkit > AWS > 8th Wall. The video does indeed depict a version of our 8th Wall template before we split it into Single-Clip and Multi-Clip versions, but the steps are the same for the Single-Clip version. If you’re having trouble, just start with a fresh clone of the Single-Clip example and follow the steps in the guide to replace the example asset with your own.

The 8th Wall example loads your Depthkit capture in the same direction it faced in Depthkit. (You can see the default orientation by opening the capture in the Depthkit Editor and double-clicking.) If your subject is facing the wrong direction by default, there are two ways to address this:

  • For existing captures, you’ll need to rotate the Depthkit object in the 8th Wall JavaScript code. I’ll see if I can figure out how to apply that transformation, but others who have more JavaScript / Three.js / 8th Wall experience (@Tim) might be able to answer more quickly.
  • For anything you capture in the future, make sure that when capturing the floor sample as part of the calibration process, the chart is oriented in a way that aligns the front of the capture with your primary/hero sensor. When using the charts available in our documentation, face the small arrow in the corner so that it points in the same direction that the hero sensor points (toward the back of the capture volume). Once you capture the floor sample and have calibrated, confirm that the correct “front” is set by double-clicking in the 3D viewport to reset the camera. If the default view is not the correct orientation, you can replace the Floor Sample until double-clicking results in the default view facing the front of your subject.

Hey Cory what is a “2BT01_Draco_v02” because when i export out if aws3 i get a mp4 not a draco and when I land the mp4 it say error

@SICSPACE At 9:06 of the tutorial video, I show that the object URL that you copy from your AWS object needs to be modified before you paste it into the 8th Wall code. This includes removing the .mp4 extension from the end, and separating the object name (“tutorial” in the video) from the rest of the URL.

2BT01_Draco_v02 is the name of the example object provided in the 8th Wall template, and corresponds to the name of the MP4 and Draco folder hosted in our AWS cloud. To replace it with your own captures, you need to delete the reference to our object, and paste the URL and clip name of yours in its place (as seen at 9:19 of the tutorial video).

If you’re still stuck, please screenshot and share the following:

@SICSPACE Sherif, following up on this - Were you able to get your captures to render in 8th Wall again? Have you captured any more assets with the correct world rotation applied during calibration?