Windows C: drive keeps corrupting - Capturing Depthkit projects on D: instead?

On our Depthkit Studio workstation our windows install is getting corrupted periodically requiring a reinstall of windows.
Has anyone experienced similar?
It could be coincidence but last time happened just after a windows update.

Is there a way to assign another drive for capturing Depthkit projects?
Our install currently defaults to the C: drive but we want to change that.
We are hoping to test if capturing to another drive helps.
We want to try local solutions before losing the PC for a while at a repair shop.


Hi, @SwinburneCentre_for - I am not sure if Depthkit has anything to do with your Windows corruption issues, but if you are able to reproduce anything that points to a connection, be sure to share it so that we can address the issue.

The capture directory is specified when you create the project in the project launcher. The project bin you choose becomes a repository for all project and calibration data for that project, as well as all clips captured when that project is open. To ensure that clips are recorded to a secondary drive (which is a good idea to avoid sluggish processes like file indexing), select a folder on the secondary drive when creating the project. Just be sure that the secondary drive also meets the speed requirements to capture.

Depthkit project bins are also portable, so you can move an existing project from the C: drive onto the secondary drive, and then open the project from there. Just be sure that you keep the file and folder structure of the project intact.